Colibri Astoria Triple Jet Lighter - silver


his Colibri Astoria lighter is a triple flame model. Unlike many other triple flames, the jets on this lighter are arranged in-line. The two outside jets are angled inward while the center jet is vertical. This produces a broad flame that comes to a point. This shape provides more control and reduces the chance of scorching.
The lid, which covers the jets, is manually operated (by that I mean it isn’t tied to the ignition switch). The ignition is a pull-down button which is smooth and easy to operate.
Opposite the ignition switch is a double-blade guillotine cutter. The cutter folds down, out of the frame. When the cutter is out, the fuel level can be checked through a small window in the frame. This window in not visible when the cutter is folded into the lighter.
Like most ‘luxury lighters’ this unit has some weight to it. It feels solid in the hand and feels well constructed.
We send it in gift box. Tis is a perfect gift for all cigar smokers.


4,7 x 7,7 x 2,3cm
158 gramm


Price: 109,00€