Colibri Premium Butane Gas Refill - 400ml


The Hummingbird gas is the most refined and clean of impurities in the market. Thanks to its methods of production, this is the best gas for extractions, but also for the filling of lighters and torches. It is processed in the best refineries in a clean environment to obtain an extremely refined gas with less than 6 parts per million of impurities. This type of gas is the most suitable to make extractions of resin with the butane gas method, as having no impurities, we ensure that no unwanted particles / by-products of the gas are mixed with the oil. In addition, if you use it to charge your lighter, the clean gas will prevent it from working because of blockages in the valve and above, it will alter the taste of your cigarettes less when you turn them on.

Specification of Butane Gas Refill Colibri Premium, 99.9994% purity.


400 ml


Price: 6,05€