Caseti Soleil cigar lighter - Black / Silver


Exclusive, refillable with gas Caseti Soleil cigar lighter with double jet flame. The classic design makes the lighter a real gem.

The elegant gas lighter of the prestigious French brand Caseti Paris with powerful jet flame and electronic piezo ignition technology made of chrome with lacquer coating in the dignified colors black to the enthusiastically sophisticated cigar smokers. The foldable cap protects the flame from wind and dirt. The powerful jet flame can be adjusted precisely and is wind resistant.
Even thick cigars can be easily lit with it.
The high-quality, refillable Caseti brand lighter offers state-of-the-art technology and convinces with a high quality standard in terms of materials and workmanship.
The design is classic and timeless.
The shapely format fits well in the hand and makes cigar smokers much joy.

We send in gift box, we offer as a nice gift.


13 mm x 35 mm x 62 mm
Weight: 77 g


Price: 26,90€