Xikar Boveda 69% Humidity Package - 60grams


The Boveda 69% Humidity Pack is the most widespread among the cigar smokers because it can be used in any humidor that keeps humidor within +/- 2.5% relative humidity fluctuation. Boveda guarantees a constant 69% constant humidity that never fluctuates. Never do not need to use more distilled water or Propylen-Glycol.

How many Boveda packages should we use?
1 pack - in humidors for 25 cigars
3 packages - in humidors for 40 cigars
4 packages - in humidors for 75-80 cigars
5 packets in humidors for 100 cigars

Usage time:
If you use 1 pack of Boveda for 25 cigars, the humidor keeps a 69% of humidity (even if it's not full of cigars), for about 2-3 months. There is no way to use too much of the Boveda package. More Boveda will work more efficiently and for a longer period of time, meaning you can't have much more than you need. When stored in original containers, Boveda lasts for 6 months.

How to use it:


13,5 x 8,5cm
Weight: 60 gramm


Price: 3,65€